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Principal's Welcome 

Welcome to the South Downs R-7 Primary School Home Page.

On behalf of the parents, staff and students I would like to welcome you to South Downs R-7 Primary School. Through the hard work and commitment of staff, we aim to provide an educational and social environment that nurtures and challenges each child and encourages them to reach their full potential.

We achieve this through embedding our school values throughout the curriculum.Sth Downs PS emblem
Our four Values are Respect, Self Discipline, Responsibility and Unity.

South Downs has a reputation for excellence in Literacy and particularly providing individual and small group programmes.

This success is built on a school community who value education and creative endeavour.

We look forward to working with you to provide the best possible education for your child in our care.

Graeme Robertson


Site Context Statement and Site Improvement Plan

For more information about our school's latest Site Context Statement and Site Improvement Plan, please contact us during business hours


Governing Council's Welcome

Sth Downs Primary SchoolWelcome to South Downs Primary School.   South Downs is very proud of the enormous amount of volunteer work done by the family community.  The students really love seeing their families involved in any aspect of the daily school life.  This can take on many forms, from a formal commitment like Governing Council to helping in the classrooms, library, canteen, breakfast club and after school activities.  Please feel free to join us at Governing Council meeting to observe, or participate in, discussions.  We meet three times a term and everyone is welcome.  If you have any questions please feel free to come and have a chat.

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 South Downs Primary School Annual  Reports

Welcome to South Downs from the Kids Committee

Kids Committee (or KC) is our SRC.  Kids Committee gives students a voice through meetings.

Student voice is important to us because we can make decisions together about our class and our school in order to improve it, look after it and make it better and safer.  We believe that developing students' decision making skills allows them to take responsibility for their life.  The role of students in this process is a priority at South Downs and KC is one way through which change can be initiated.

How does KC work?:-  Each class selects 2 representatives (1 boy, 1 girl) to attend weekly meetings and provide feedback from class meetings about school issues. During meetings we encourage the use of the Thinking Hats to help us solve problems.  We use the Program Achieve Keys of Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Resilience and Getting Along as our keys to success.

KC plans and runs regular Aussie of the Month Assemblies for the whole school community.  These assemblies showcase the dramatic talents of classes as well as recognise special contributions made by students in each class.  Parents attend these assemblies as well as guests. These assemblies bring the school together with the older children providing positive role models for the younger children.

KC also raises money through fund-raising activities such as Skip-a-thons, Lap-a-thons, discos, talent shows, special days such as Grandparents Day, 4 in one Activity Day etc.  Money raised goes to various charities as well as supporting the school.

We also raise money for Pool Day, a fun day held at the end of Term 4 for all students. 

Pool Day celebrates the work of KC throughout the year. 

Smarter Schools National Partnership Plan

Please follow the link to access this plan.


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